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Web Development

Dreaming of building a website you can edit yourself? Need a web design agency that can build a content management system that will empower your employees? You can now have the tools and power to do it all. At Web Planet Design, we make sure that your goals are met and the results exceed your expectations. What can we do for you?
Creative and Inspired
  • Reliable Design
  • World Class Services
  • Responsive Design
  • Site backups and Security updates
  • Emails with your domain
  • Premium Customer Support


Our pricing adds great value to a Web marketing budget. Website development, Hosting, CMS, SEO, and Premium Customer Service all available in our web design packages.

We Listen & Learn

from our customers and we develop your website according to your marketing goals.

Customer Service

We guide our clients through the flawless and timely execution of any web design project. Since day one, we have been delivering creative and unique websites to our clients.

eCommerce Marketing

Our eCommerce Web Marketing along with content management allows for you to enhance the selling power of your website. Its like having a Sales Person 24/7 - along with inventory management.
Product Display & Shopping Cart
Our eCommerce software is designed to enhance the selling power of your website. We individually customize your eCommerce package to meet the specific needs of your business.  A quality design and software package from Web Planet Design is all you will ever need for online sales and growth.
Des Moines web design


We use this time to inform the potential client about our process of web development and suggest additional features that can meet the client’s goals. This is also a good time to educate the potential client on the importance of our ongoing services for website maintenance.


During the planning phase, we want to review or create an SEO strategy for the website. The planning phase also helps clients understand their role in meeting deadlines with content so the launch process isn’t held up.


Website content is the number one thing you want viewers to notice. So besides testing all links and website functionality, we make the key decisions for colors, typography, and imagery. We also look at load time speed since this very important.


Finally, it’s time to launch the website. There are many steps involved in launching a website, so we use checklist to make sure you we haven’t missed a step and included all content and keywords that started in the planning stage.

Des Moines web design

Search Engine Optimization

Every day more and more people become dependent on search engines to find what they are looking for. We can improve your website’s ranking through proven SEO techniques.
Secure Website Hosting
  • Secure, Dependable, Fast Servers
  • Secure websites with https
  • Keywords and phrases in page html tags
  • Submission to major search engines
  • Access to Google Analytics for all site data
  • Premium Customer Support

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